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219. Dear Rudolf – by Chicken

Dear Mr Lovely Rudolf,

I is very very really sorry for being rudy rude to you last year. You is a lovely reindeer and everybody loves you and very sorry. 

From Chicken xxx


Merrily Christmas, Rudolf!

Then I did do an apology to stupid Rudolf because Monty donty did sticking up for me with the mean polar bear. He did say that the polar bear was all staring at me because he thinks I is so pretty and I does know this is true. Monty did also say I will gets loads of a lot of presents and I does think one of them will be a puinnea gig and I will play with it and look after it but not eats it.

Monty did say I hads to be a good girl and I did say that I will be a good girl and I didn’t say that I all wouldn’t do anything or nots do anything in extra change for my sorry letter and I dids tell Monty that he is my favourite and I does think he is all great and I did never think of anything to do to make him embarrassed because I is a good girl.


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217. It’s Not A Hotel I’m Running – by Monty


‘‘Tis the season etc. Usually at this time of year I am full of joy and goodwill to all. However, the word ‘all’ when used in this context does not mean everybody. As a general rule of thumb, it means everybody – except wildlife. Of any description.


Get out!

Yesterday evening we had an unexpected visitor of whom I seriously disapproved. The Fairy seemed to be carrying out some kind of scientific experiment on it, involving weighing scales and MY FOOD! Chicken thought it was an early Christmas present and didn’t respond well to being told that it wasn’t hers. As I was within biting distance, my first thought was that eating it would be the quickest way to get rid of it. This didn’t go down well with Chicken or The Fairy.



Luckily, The Fairy threw it out again after declaring it to be fat, in good health and eating well. I thought that was the end of wildlife in my house but today a rather pompous looking owl turned up. The words gaudy, ostentatious and exhibitionist spring to mind. Apparently, it is staying with us for the whole of the Christmas period. I will not be engaging it in conversation.

Negotiations have recommenced with Chicken about the Rudolf apology. I am determined to reach an agreement by the deadline of Christmas Eve. Father Christmas is pushing for a deal as early as possible, but as I have said many times before: Good things come to those who wait.

Father Christmas doesn’t want to wait.


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216. Selfish Monty – by Chicken

Monty donty has all stolen my eclectic bed. He did try to sit on it but I was all sitting on it because it is mine and The Fairy did buy it for me. Then Monty did go on my settee and it is mine as well. I does not know how to all sits on my eclectic bed and my settee at the same time. Monty’s bottom is massive.

Then Monty did say I did have to say apologise to Rudolf and I did say that I did not have to. He did say that ifs I does apologising he would give me a carrot but I doesn’t like carrots. Then he did say that the carrot could be something else that I wants, so I did say that I wants to show the picture of Monty’s Easter Island Head Poo and he did say no. He did say the people would be upset because it is all rude but I did say that is the only way I will all say sorry to stupid Rudolf.


My new Christmas present.

For Christmas I have asked for a puinnea gig. I will look after it and play with it and not eats it. Last year I did ask for a baby rabbit but I dids not get one so this year I has asked for a puinnea gig. Monty did say that I wouldn’t get a Christmas present ifs I doesn’t say sorry. Bum.

I did say that I wouldn’t say sorry unless I could all show my Easter Island Head Poo photo. I did tell Monty not to be selfish. BOOM! BOOM!


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214. Is Christmas To Be Cancelled? – by Monty


Where’s your Christmas spirit gone, Chicken? 

This morning I received a communication from Father Christmas. He is not in a good mood. Apparently, Rudolf is refusing to fly unless Chicken apologises for last year. As you may recall, Chicken was rather rude to Rudolf and the poor thing was left out in the cold after being led to believe he was to be the guest of honour at a meal at our house. The invitation had to be rescinded at the last minute due to Chicken. I don’t mind telling you that I was rather embarrassed.

Naturally, and as usual, Chicken is refusing to apologise.

If I do not manage to illicit a heartfelt apology from her, Christmas will have to be cancelled. The first round of negotiations stalled at the first meeting held this morning.

Chicken is simply refusing to entertain the idea that she was in the wrong, so I will have to use my extensive diplomatic skills to find a solution. Failure is not an option. The Fairy has suggested that I provide some form of carrot to help Chicken make the right decision. In theory, a little bit of give and take on both sides should result in a satisfactory outcome.

Time is of the essence. I have told Chicken that she should go away and think about what she would need in order to be able to provide said apology. Hopefully she will come back with a proposal which will allow for a settlement to be drafted.


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178. Calculation: Harder Than It Looks – by Monty

I appear to have miscalculated with regards to Chicken’s wishes. I am surprised about this, as I rarely miscalculate. I thought she would have loved to have met Rudolf, but before his visit, it came to light that she wasn’t very pleased at all. Actually, she was furious. As was he, when I told him that he would no longer be having a five course meal at my house. Apparently, he had been starving himself for three days in anticipation of the feast.

Chicken is still angry that we didn’t get married on Christmas Eve and blames Rudolf. Although I can understand her feelings towards him, I think it is very unfair of her to also blame me, as I have done nothing wrong, and was planning on marrying her in the near future. When I told her this, she informed me that she had married someone else. Can you believe it?


Who wouldn’t want to marry me?

At first I was very hurt, but when I found out that she had married a stuffed toy I felt a bit better. Gingerbread Snowman does not compare to me. I’ve been through this before with Jurgen Klopp. Sooner or later she’ll realise that I’m a good catch and come running back. I intend to launch a full scale charm offensive in the morning.

New Year’s Eve was rather spoilt by fireworks, as was New Year’s Day. On my estate, it is customary to celebrate most days with fireworks. I do not understand nor like this situation, and I’m hoping tonight will be quieter.

The new year has started and I’ve contacted the government to suggest that it be called 2017. I’d like to thank all my followers and readers for supporting me and wish you all the best for the coming year.

Monty The Great


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177. Get Lost – by Chicken

Early in today’s morning I did go out for a walks and I was Miss Chicken. Then I did meets Ugly Cats and he did say he was all upset that he hadn’t been invited to my house for the special event.

So I did say he was not all coming to my wedding because he does look at me all mean and he does want to come in my garden and steal my toys. Then he did say he didn’t even ever know about my wedding and that he was all talking about Rudolf’s visit that Monty had arranged for my big surprise.

Then I did try to eats him.

Then I did go home and did kick Monty in the head and I did say to him get lost.

Then I did get married.

To my lovely crunchy gingerbread snowman new Christmas toy because I does love him more than I does love Monty and Monty is in the dog house.

Then Monty did all try to be nice to me and I did say …….


Too late Monty. 

Mrs C Gingerbread-Snowman


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176. How To Score Points With Chicken – by Monty

I feel very bad about postponing the wedding, and I know that poor Chicken was very sad. She was very excited about having Father Christmas and Rudolf there but was so disappointed when it didn’t happen, that I have decided to give her a little surprise on New Year’s Eve to try to make up for it.

I have invited Rudolf over for tea! I expect she’ll be thrilled.

Father Christmas can’t make it due to a prior engagement, but at least Chicken will be able to meet Rudolf in person. If I’m not mistaken, and I rarely am, I think they will get on very well.

Let’s hope there aren’t any fireworks to spoil the night.

Monty 🐾🎄🐾

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175. Crunchy Gingerbread Snowman – by Chicken


Christmas Chicken 

I is having a great Christmas and I is having a lot of much goody food. I all did not get my baby rabbit but I did all get a lovely crunchy gingerbread man who is a snowman and he does have a crunchy body and a squeaky head.

Father Christmas did give him to me and I does love Father Christmas but I does not love Rudolf anymore still because he did ruin my big wedding day. Monty did say he had a big special surprise for me on New Year’s Eve so I does know it is my new wedding day and Monty is planning a special big special wedding for me. Rudolf is not coming but Father Christmas is all allowed to come.

Today we did go for walks in the frosty white outside. The Fairy did look silly because she did keeps slipping and I did not slip. So I win.

Chicken ❤️🎄❤️

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172. Monty Is All Spending Much Too Much Time With Rudolf – by Chicken

Today I was big sad but then my Monty did come back and I was not sad. Rudolf’s nose did get better and I does think it was Father Christmas with his magic like I did asked in my letter.

Then I was big mad because I did not have my wedding.

Then I was excited because Monty did say that Father Christmas was going to bring us a present because Monty did help him. I does hope it’s my baby rabbit that I will look after him and play with him and not eat him. Now I all cannot sleep so I is going to stay awake all night to wait for Father Christmas to come down the chimney.

Then it was all bigger exciting because Monty did say that he did have an extra special surprise for me on New Year’s Eve and I does not know what it is and I does know that that is our new wedding day! It is all going to be the best wedding day EVER.

Then I did decided to kiss my Monty but then I did stop because his nose did look funny wrong. He did spend much too much very a lot of time with stupid Rudolf and Rudolf’s nose did rub off on him. Stupid Rudolf.


Monty The Red-nosed Greyhound 

Chicken xxx

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171. I Is All Going To Get Him – by Chicken


I is so sad without my wedding

Stupid, fat-head, red-nosed Rudolf has ruined my beautiful wedding by going and all breaking his own nose. I is so angry that I is spitting out feathers. Monty has all said he is helping Father Christmas so I does have to be on my own and not married.

Monty did say I did have to stop being a dress sieve and be all grown up instead and I did say that when I does catch Rudolf I is going to break his legs.

Then I did write my letter to Father Christmas.

Dear Father Christmas,

I has all been a goody girl and for Christmas please can I have a tramp and lean, thirty-seventy-four-two roll sausages in a bag, and a baby rabbit that I can play with and look after him but not eat him. Also, please make Rudolf’s big ugly nose better with your magic so that me and my lovely Monty can all get married on Christmas Eve. 

Love Chicken ❤️❤️❤️

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