203. The Fat Greyhound Story – by Chicken


Once upon a there was a big dog called Monty McDonty and he was big. He did live with a beautiful princess who is called Princess Chicken. They did live with a servant who did bring them lovely food food all the day.

Monty McDonty one day did start to get greedy and did start to all eat too much everything. Roll sausage in a bag. Then he did get lazy and he did get chubby chubby bum bum. 

Beautiful Princess Chicken did say to him to stop all eating too much and get out doing the big exercising but Monty McDonty was thickie so didn’t listen. 

So he did get all more chubby. 

One day, in the daytime they did both go to see the man at the big kennels and he did say that I was the beautiful Princess Chicken was beautiful, but that Monty McDonty was all too biggy big. So the servant did put him on a diet. 

Then the beautiful Princess Chicken did find out that I was on a diet too and I did blame Monty McDonty because it is all his fault. So the beautiful Princess Chicken did deciding and did decide to kick him in the head but then she did throw a big book at him instead and it did bounce off his chubby bum.

Then she did change his name to Fatty McFatface. 

So I win the end.


Lazy greyhound Fatty McFatface

By Beautiful Chicken 


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7 thoughts on “203. The Fat Greyhound Story – by Chicken

  1. What a lovely fairy tale, C. …except for the happily ever after happy ending, which is different from throwing a book, calling names, and BEING ON A DIET!! Being on a diet is the worst job ever. Once, I gained one and a half pounds and Mom put me on treat restriction. I had to do tricks and be a good girl and got no rewards!! It’s flat-out mean. Good luck to you and F McFF.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Treat restriction is meany mean mean. I will be the happily ever after when I does get my proper foody food back. SAUSAGES where are you?
    Chicken 🐾

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  3. Mum says another name for snacks is essential supplies……hers and mine😀😀. Chubby keeps us toasty in the wintertime – but that’s ages away. GoodBoyTed brought treats last night when he stayed with us – he is my favourite . Daisydog xxx

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  4. GoodBoyTed is also my favourite as well. Can I haves him?
    Chicken 🐾


  5. Only on Tuesday’s 😀😀😀. He is much in demand😱🐾😱🐾

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  6. Poor Monty…we have just had 2 microlite flyers go over so we have asked them to do an air drop of essential supplies of sausages to you. Listen out for them and good luck. Paddy said diets are for cats 😎🐾

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