205. A Message From Chicken – by Chicken


Phraa lemph broooo. Slaph blur pree. Vet phoo glaa going again snall shloo never. Brrrrree phrass sloff. Blum blum blum!


Ppprrretty ton

Chlichen phf phf phf xxx

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6 thoughts on “205. A Message From Chicken – by Chicken

  1. I knew exactly what you mean Chicken lickin. Have a quiet day and let Monty do his bit. Big early morning wags Daisydog xx

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  2. Oh, C. You’ll get used to your new mouth before you know it. Soon it will feel perfectly normal. It may be malfunctioning right now, but you just need to rest and recuperate for a bit. Plus some soft human foods to slurp.

    Love and extra healing licks,

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    • I is resting but I is not enjoying it because I does have to rest my mouth which does mean no talking. It is too hard difficult.
      Chicken 🐾


  3. We hope you are feeling much better today Chicken. Xx

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