235. A Ferret In A Field – by Chicken

Ugly Cats has been living with a ferret.

I did say to Monty that ferrets smell and Ugly Cats smells and he should all go back to his smelly ferret. Monty donty did say I had to be kind to him because he had all been out in the field and I did say bum.


Smelly ferret

At this Christmas I did sleep in the comfy big bed and eats nice foody food and gets lovely presents so I is happy. Ugly Cats is even more ugly than he used to be and now he has big scratches on him and scruffy fuzz hair. I did say it was his own fault for being next to a ferret in a field and Monty did say again that I did have to be kind, so I did tell Monty to go and live with the smelly ferret if he does love him so much.

Crinkle and me together is all thinking of a plan to get rids of the smelly ferret and Ugly Cats. They is smelly and ugly. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “235. A Ferret In A Field – by Chicken

  1. I think your view is crystal clear, C. Smelly ferrets and ugly cats are not cool. Big beds and crinkly squeaky toys are cool. Simple. What is wrong with everybody?

    Love and licks,

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  2. Mum keeps me away from smelly ferrets and mud as I am a lady and don’t want to get my paws dirty. Although I must admit my Christmas bottom sneezes have been pongier than usual. It must be the snack combinations I have been trying out. Happy wags Daisydog xx

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