258. Monty Stole My Chicken – by Chicken

My lovely Monty was being all nice to me and then he did stealing and he did steal my chicken!

I was sad.

Then The Fairy did say that my special incompetence medicine was in the bits of chicken that fat Monty stole and it was important.

I did go to Monty and did say he had all eaten my special incompetence medicine and I did want it back. The Fairy told him that it had special lady hormones in it but Monty did say he was fine and it had all not affected him.

Fat Monty stole my chicken. I did laughing.


Miss Monty

Chicken xxx

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6 thoughts on “258. Monty Stole My Chicken – by Chicken

  1. Nice one Monty. Paddy said if it’s in your face you can bite it. Just hope the lady tabs don’t start having peculiar effects 🐾😄xx

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  2. I have those sweeties too Chicken – sisfurs forever. Monty – check your bits – just saying….Happy wags Daisydog xx

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  3. Oh Monty! This is troubling. We will keep an eye on you to see if changes begin to be made. Also, keep the lady hat handy. That might be your future, buddy. Plus I have a tutu you can borrow if necessary….

    Love and licks,

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    • Monty did ask what colour that tutu is, but it is not worth sending it to him because his biggest bottom is all much bigger than yours, Cupcake. He would all have to wear it round his neck. 😂
      Chicken ❤️🐾❤️


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