259. Sausage Hunt – by Monty

I would like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful and brave people in the NHS, emergency services, social care and key workers who are still going out to work to help us all. THANK YOU ❤️

Monty The Great

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10 thoughts on “259. Sausage Hunt – by Monty

  1. I love a sausage – indeed who doesn’t- you are both looking so well and clearly keeping on top of the garden maintenance. Fully endorse the Fairy’s dedication. Much love. Daisydog and her mum xx

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    • Monica Lock

      Ooooh real big sausages!! Holly and Stubby like this idea. Now here’s the snag – my hounds arnt quite as bright as you two and we could be out there looking for them for the whole of lockdown!!

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    • Chicken and I are having a lot of fun ‘maintaining’ our garden. 😂


  2. Must have a word with the Staff to find out why sausages are not on the menu here… On the other hand, I do get Roo Rolls, frozen chicken necks and big old brisket bones for garden fun, so I suppose life isn’t too ghastly…

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  3. Great job, kids! Those sausages were huge! You are so lucky. Mom makes me search for a flake of cereal. It’s hardly worth the effort! Sausages! Oh man!

    Love and licks,

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