110. England Has All Left Europe – by Chicken

The English England footy ball team has been allowed to leave Your Rope. The other Iceland team did have to stay to do more silly footy ball, so I do think they is maybe all upset. Serves them right for not being good at giving the footy ball away.

My lovely Monty has all bought me another other present. He has bought me a pet bunny and I did go to keeper it warm in my mouth, but it was all sharpy hard and not fluffety at all and it is a small bit boring because it just sits in the same place all the long time. Monty said I all couldn’t eat it because it was a guest and I did say that I was just keepering it warm.

Then we did go for a walk up Bunny Hill and we did see tenty threety seven two bunnies all running around and Monty and me did want to chase them. We did have great fun jumping about but The Fairy forgot to all let go of the leads so we didn’t get to do too much fun.


Addering value to his house


My pet bunny has made his hutch pretty pretty with flowers, and Monty has been a gooder gardener and has watered them.

He is so cleverer at helping.



Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “110. England Has All Left Europe – by Chicken

  1. That bunny hutch is getting cuter and cuter. Do yourself a favor and don’t even try to eat the bunny anymore, C. Monty is right he’s a guest. Plus he will cut your mouth.

    Love and licks,

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    • I does not want to cut my mouth, because then I could not all talk. Even worse – I could not eats, and that would makes me too sad.
      Love Chicken 🐾


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