111. Swollen Eye Chicken – by Monty


Swollen eye Chicken

I have been occupied taking care of Chicken for the last few days, as she has an eye the size of a golf ball. We are not sure what has happened, but her teeth and ears seem to be fine. Her right eye is so swollen that it is nearly closed. The vet has prescribed antibiotic eye drops, metacam and a lot of TLC. I am taking my responsibility seriously, and being extra kind to her. I will be taking her back to the vet if her eye is not better in a couple of days. It does not appear to have affected her appetite, so we are hoping this means there is no hidden infection in the roots of her teeth. Time will tell.


Ugly Cat has re-appeared and has expressed an interest in our sloth enclosure. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was to stay out of it. He told me that he would lead me to the field where he believes the illegal fracking to be taking place, in exchange for some play time in the sloth enclosure. I informed him that I could not guarantee his safety, and that I feel confident that I could locate said fracking site myself anyway. He said he would give me some time to think about his offer of help, and disappeared over the neighbour’s fence.


Work in progress 

More work is taking place in the garden, and the rabbit has escaped but has made no attempt to leave the area.

It really is the world’s most boring rabbit.



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4 thoughts on “111. Swollen Eye Chicken – by Monty

  1. Big hugs Chicken for a speedy recovery. You are a lucky girl to have a finance to look after you. Xxx

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    • Thank you, I is hoping it will all be speedy because it is not nice. I is on the settee now, waiting for lovely Monty to bring me another steak.
      Love Chicken 🐾


  2. That eye is gnarly! Poor Chicken! Please continue to encourage her to be brave and to feel better soon. You’re a good egg, M.

    Love and licks,

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    • Chicken says thank you. I’ll keep looking after her and then hopefully, some of my bravery will rub off on her.
      Monty 🐾


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