112. Does My Eye Look Big In This? – by Chicken


Big eye poorly

My eye has been poorly and hurty but the vet did give me some medicine and it is all beginning to get better now. I did do loads of sleeping and did gets extra loads of attention so it was all not that bad. Monty did sit on the settee with me to stop me being sad. He is gooder at looking after me. He did get told off for watering the flowers so he did go and water the patty chairs instead. I did not get told off because I is a good girl.

Arky-Ollie-Just has been talkering with Monty about checking the big hole where the patty is going, and he did say he would look for old things before we did put the concrete down. Poor Arky-Ollie-Just has got to move out of his house and The Fairy did say he can come and be with us in my house. The Fairy did say he had finished at the universe, and that he got a thirst. I thinks he has drunk all the water in his house so now needs a newer house.

Me and Monty did decide he could live with us and he can share our water in our water dishes. Monty did say that Arky-Ollie-Just would make us gooder food because he is all clever at cookering.

Come home Arky, bring sausages.

Love Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “112. Does My Eye Look Big In This? – by Chicken

  1. Delighted to hear you are feeling better Chicken. Was worried you may have to wear an eye patch and Monty would think you were a pirate xx

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  2. Sleeping is good for a poorly eye, C. You will have 2 matching normal-sized eyes soon. I’m sure of it. Stay brave.

    Love and licks,

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