120. Monty’s Stupid Girlfriend – by Chicken

We is all bumpy excited because last night The Fairy did tell us a goody bedtime story. She did tell us that Arky had been to his gradually station and did wear a big gown and funny hat and it did all look like Hogwarts. Then she did say that he was all coming to live in my house so we is all having to tidy up. Monty did say it would be good to have another man in the house and I did say, where is the first one? BOOM! BOOM!


Cleverer me sitting in the shady shade

My house is going to be busy bee busy, because Big Rabbit is coming to see us today. We cannot go out for big walks later because it is all too hotty hot, hot hot. We does have a paddling pool and fans so it is a bit betterer. Monty did say all the fans were his.

Today this morning very early before the hotty hot, we did go for a walk. Stupid Grey Cat did run out to see Monty again. She always runs to see him and does throw herself on the floor in fronts of him. I did say I would get Grey Cat, but Monty did say she was just friendly and it was no surprise that she liked him. So I did say ifs he likes her so much, he should just marry her. Then he did say that might be a goody idea because she is all quiet.

So then on the way home in the very early this morning, I did tell Monty a night mayor bedtime story:

Once upon a in the long ago, a big handsome dog who was thicky, did meet a stupid cat. Then the stupid dog did make friends with the stupid cat and let the stupid cat be all in his house with him. Then they did go to bed and in the morning, Monty couldn’t walk because in the night time the smelly stupid cat had chewed all his legs off. THE END

Monty did say I was being silly billy but I did warn him about the cats and then I did say, don’t say I didn’t warn you. When Big Rabbit comes I is going to tell her about smelly Grey Cat.


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2 thoughts on “120. Monty’s Stupid Girlfriend – by Chicken

  1. OMGoodness, C. I do hope that nightmare story never comes true. It’s really difficult to take a walk with legs all chewed off. I think both of you should sleep with one eye open….

    Love and licks,

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    • I am too tired to reply because I all couldn’t sleeps last night. I frightened myself and did think sharks were coming to bite off my legs.
      Tired Chicken 🐾


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