124. Rubbish Vandal – by Chicken

I did once tell everyone in the world that Monty donty was a rubbish criminal, because he did steal a roll sausage in a bag and left all the crumby crumbs on his face. He didn’t all share it with me. Now I is saying that Monty donty is a rubbish vandal as well.

Today in the morning he did go out and do illegal digging near the patty and was all pleased and happy. Then I did look at the patty and it was covered in mud and I did think The Fairy would all blame me. Then Monty did look at the muddy patty and did think it was all a walk of art.

Then I did realise that I was safety safe, and all because Monty has a big head.


Chicken xxx


More valuable art because thicky artist signed it


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2 thoughts on “124. Rubbish Vandal – by Chicken

  1. I think it is wrong for Monty to eat a sausage roll and not share it. I guess that’s what rubbish vandals do. They have no scruples.

    Love and licks,

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