125. Hippo Birdy To Us – by Chicken


Going out in my car on our birthmonth 

Not before a long time ago a few days ago, I did have a big birthday to say I was eight years old and more older than Monty.  Then all of a suddenly, Monty’s birthday did happen and he is also eight now but he is still youngerer than me, so I win.

I does have a proper birthday but Monty says his is a secret secret, so he just says he is born on the August first day. He did say that racing greyhounds sometimes just has a month as a birthday and not always a special day date. So then I did say we can have a birthmonth insteads of a birthday, and then we can all have 31 presents and not just one. Monty did say this was a goody idea, and my birthmonth is July and his birthmonth is August so office alley we should all get 62 presents altogether.

Our big present is the sloth pit which is called a digging pit. I does go in it and then Monty doesn’t go in it because he is scaredy pants. I does big digging all the time and I loves it. It did take a long time to build it and put sand in it and now the sand is all mixed up with the mud and it is all getting deeper.

Monty did say that he was going to make a list of the other 61 presents that he wants, so I did say this was a goody best idea and I would all do the same.


A new lead; a chemistry set; 59 rump steaks.


Two new leads; two chemical sets; 118 rumpy steaks; a real life fluffy bunny rabbit which I will look after and play with but not eat it; a bikini for my holidays; a full bag of rotty rotten fish heads to throw at Ugly Cats; some roller blades; 26 roll sausages in a bag which I is not sharing with Monty; driving lessons.

My list is betterer than his list.

Chicken xxx

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5 thoughts on “125. Hippo Birdy To Us – by Chicken

  1. many happy birthdays – I am especially liking your birthday list Chicken – I have my theory driving test soon but mum says it’s a bit beyond me and I need more practice actually driving the car – I made that bit up 😀🐾😀🐾😀🐾xxx

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    • I did get in the front seat once to do the driving but The Fairy said I did have to move because she didn’t want my bottom in her face! 😳
      Love Chicken 🐾


  2. I like your birthday list, C. I have a license, but Mom will not let me drive. Apparently, mine isn’t the right kind of license. I also like Monty’s list because I’m pretty sure I like steak.

    Love and licks,

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    • I does think from now on we should all only eats steak. A license is a license Cupcake, so I does think you should drive the car even ifs it’s not a car license. Monty did say you is not allowed to take a nap at the same time!
      Love Chicken 🐾


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