130. Honeymoon Woods – by Chicken


Talkering about getting married, and going in the digging pit

We did go for a walk in the lovely woods and it was all big and pretty. We had not been before, so it was all exciting. Then Monty did say that ifs he was going to have a holiday, he would like it to be in this woods.

So I did do thinking, and then said that we could come to the woods when we gets married, and have a holiday honeymoon here. Monty did think this was a goody idea, and then we did talk and talk and talk about getting married.

Then Monty did say we was having a Limpets competition, and we did do the jumping competition, and I did win. Then Monty did say that he had won, which all wasn’t true. I did tell him that he had put his foot down but he did say he hadn’t and then I did say that he had and then he did say that he hadn’t and then I was cross.

Monty did say that we was all having more Limpet competitions again the next time, so I did say we could have a digging competition which is in the digging pit. Monty did say the venue is immaterial, and we could all have the digging competition but that he would do his digging in a different other place. Then I did say NO! The digging competition is in the digging pit and ifs he doesn’t do it inside the digging pit, he will lose.

So I win.

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “130. Honeymoon Woods – by Chicken

  1. This conversation about Limpets proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that you two are meant to be a married couple. You act like you’re married already!

    Love and licks,

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  2. A hat, a hat, mum and me love any excuse for a hat xxx

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