167. Christmas Apparel – by Monty


Getting into the Christmas spirit

Yesterday, Chicken drew my attention to a fox related problem. She is very upset that Foxy has been on the television and is boasting about it. I tried to tell her to ignore him, but she is very sensitive about her appearance at the moment as she still harbours the belief that she is a frog. It is doing her no good at all, listening to Foxy crow about how attractive and charismatic he is.

She has asked me to get rid of him, and as her Commanding Officer I do have a duty of care, and I do not take kindly to anyone upsetting her. She might be a tad prickly at times, but she is only little and I do care about her a lot. I have told her that I will draw up a plan to dispatch said fox.

From my office.

Christmas is fast approaching, so Chicken and I are getting into the spirit by wearing our special Christmas neckerchiefs. I find that carefully chosen festive apparel is a good way to spread some cheer.

Speaking of cheer, Chicken has suggested that we be merry on Christmas Eve, which I think is a jolly good idea. I’m not sure whether she intends to limit the merriment to just Christmas Eve, as in my opinion, Christmas Day also lends itself to jocularity.

I cannot imagine her objecting to being merry for the whole period, and I anticipate that we will have a harmonious and jovial time.


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4 thoughts on “167. Christmas Apparel – by Monty

  1. *gulp* There may have been a breakdown in communication here, M. That said, you both look charming in your Christmas gear. Gingerbread men is your color….

    Love and licks,

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    • Breakdown in communication was exactly what I was thinking Cupcake. I don’t think Foxy was boasting at all, but if I try telling Chicken that she’s misunderstood she’s liable to blow up. Poor thing misunderstands all the time.
      Monty 🐾


  2. I see a slight todo on the horizon – probably Christmas Eve – I bought a new hat but the only one that fitted is woolly with a pompom on it. But I am wearing my Santa collar and mum has ironed my red velvet neckerchief – so I am already for the merry making and eggnog. Xx

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    • Glad to hear that you are also wearing your Christmas wardrobe. That ensemble sounds great. It’s nice that you’ve got a new hat as well; pompoms are one of my favourite toys.
      Monty 🐾


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