166. We Has Set The Date – by Chicken

I did go for a walks in the dark and Monty didn’t come with me because Monty thinks the big noises come in the dark so he is scaredy bum bum. Ugly Cats did see me and he did look at me all mean so I did shout at him.

Ugly Cats did say that Foxy was all getting on everyone’s nerves by talkering about being on the tellybox and being a national treasure and he isn’t one. Ugly Cats did say all the wildlife did want Monty to get rid of him and I did say that he would. Then Ugly Cats said he’d believe it when he saw it, because Monty doesn’t all do what he says he is going to do.

I did big shouting at him because he is all not allowed to say bad things about my Monty. Ugly Cats did say that Monty said he was going to marry me and then he didn’t marry me so he is right. I did say he was wrong and then I did tell him that he was smelly and then I did go home.


Father Christmas and Rudolf is going to be at my wedding

Me and Monty did together do deciding and we did decide to get marry married on Christmas Eve and then I did have to go and tell Monty because he didn’t know yet.

Monty did say this was an acceptable proposition so I is all excited and I is going shopping with The Fairy to buy a new dress. I is going to invite Father Christmas and Rudolf to be at my wedding.

I is happy and Ugly Cats is smelly.

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “166. We Has Set The Date – by Chicken

  1. Getting married is exciting, C. Getting married on Christmas Eve with Santa and Rudolph and everybody is double-triple-exciting. Nothing can possibly go wrong with this plan….

    Love and licks,

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  2. I agree with Cupcake – it is a perfect plan 👒. I am off out to buy a hat. Maybe even two. Xxx

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    • You is going to look lovely in a new hat. Unless you want to be a bridesmaid? All my bridesmaids is going to be dressed as sausages!
      Love Chicken 🐾


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