173. Merry Christmas – by Monty


Happy Chicken

Chicken got up this morning at 6.45am to check if Father Christmas had been.

She’d also got up at 5.30am, 4.15am, 3.00am and 1.55am, which was only two hours after she’d first gone to sleep. Everyone in the house is exhausted.

Except Chicken.

We were very fortunate, in that Father Christmas had indeed visited us as promised. He brought us some lovely treats and a noisy toy each. We are both very pleased.

I had a trying but satisfactory couple of days working with him and his reindeer, and found him to be benevolent and extremely jolly. It was a humbling experience and I performed the necessary duties better than anyone else would have been able to.

Fortunately, Rudolf recovered as if by magic just a few hours before takeoff. Personally, I do not believe he was as injured as he made out. It is entirely possible that he just fancied a day off but panicked when he realised that one of his peers was about to take the reins, so to speak.


Happy Monty

Chicken is having a great day, and is currently wearing a Father Christmas hat. She has been pretending to be him all day, and has perfected the Ho! Ho! Ho!



Chicken and I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. We hope you all had a lovely day.

Monty πŸΎπŸŽ„πŸΎ

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