224. The Unauthorised Musicians Of Bremen – by Monty

I am beginning to think that I am living in a zoo. Enquiries so far have revealed the presence of mice, birds, hedgehogs, cats, ghost cats, foxes, frogs, polar bears and now horses. Not all of these animals have been given clearance so I am having to devote a lot of my time to paperwork at the moment. This suits me, as my foot is once again being somewhat troublesome.

Chicken has put in a request to be at the top of any tower of musicians, as she quite rightly points out that the one at the top is traditionally a rooster. A Chicken, she says, is close enough.

My letter from the House Of Commons turned out to be a communication from a government cat which lives in Downing Street. He has informed me that a suspicious cat had been loitering in his territory and upon being chased off, mentioned that he was heading to my unit.


A warning from Downing Street 

Apparently, he mentioned me by name and the Downing Street cat felt it prudent to warn me as said cat was deemed to be dangerous as well as suspicious. The letter was originally sent a number of weeks ago and nothing has happened yet, so whilst I will take all necessary precautions, I am not too worried.

I am too busy supervising Chicken’s attempts at balancing on top of small things in preparation for her tower of screaming animals.

Give me strength.


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4 thoughts on “224. The Unauthorised Musicians Of Bremen – by Monty

  1. Good luck, M. As we all know, piles of animals topped by a rooster (or our favorite Chicken) can be unpredictable.

    Love and licks,

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    • The Health and Safety implications are enormous. I don’t want to be anywhere near them when they all come tumbling down.
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


  2. Forewarned is forearmed Monty – what about putting one of those lights on your head like joggers wear at night so you can see the varmint more easily. Of course the Downing Street cat will have his own red box with him so should be easy to spot. Stay safe out there……big love to chicken doing balancing tricks. Xx

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    • What an excellent idea! A torch on my head will greatly enhance my authority. I will go to Halfords at the weekend.
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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