231. Chicken Legs – by Monty

The practice of displaying clothes in the garden for the neighbours to admire has continued all summer. There have been a few days recently when it has rained, and The Fairy has not taken her clothes outside, thus perpetuating Chicken’s belief that rain is dangerous. I have tried to reason with her by explaining that The Fairy is still willing to go for walks during rainfall but, as usual, Chicken won’t listen to me.


How to fold a Chicken

Last week, The Fairy was so determined that the neighbours see as many clothes as possible, that she had an outlandish number of articles hanging on the line throughout the day. This inevitably led to a large amount of folding being required.

In a lapse of concentration, The Fairy folded up Chicken by mistake. I offered my assistance to Chicken, stating clearly that I could unfold her in a jiffy but Chicken declined, saying she was quite comfortable and pleased that The Fairy had included her in the demonstration.



I cannot wait to see her walk with those.

It was a few days later when I walked into the living room that I noticed Chicken’s back legs had grown to an unnatural length. I do not yet know whether this unprecedented growth spurt is due to the folding up process, but I am keeping a fair distance from The Fairy, lest she attempts the same with me. My legs are perfect. I intend for them to stay that way.

I am in the process of writing a report about the cats on my estate after some quite remarkable developments. I will publish my findings shortly, once I have discussed them with Chicken Long Legs.


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4 thoughts on “231. Chicken Legs – by Monty

  1. OMGoodness, M. I never thought to steer clear when Mom does clothes folding. I will now! Yikes! Although, if she folds me and I get long chicken legs, maybe I’ll be able to reach the garbage or the counter to steal yummy foods. Right now I have to wait for floor food because of my tininess.

    Love and licks,

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  2. My mommy likez to show off all our clothes to the neighbourhood too….the indignity of it all. I like the neighbours to see my coatz and jarmies when I iz wearin them. Thiz new bein folded hup with the woshin sounds scary so i’m off when the next lot comes in later Paddy xx

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  3. Just between you and me Paddy – we have a secret weapon. Whenever you think the pile of clothes is getting too close, lift one of your back legs. You don’t have to do anything else – just lift it. The pile of clothes will be whisked away from you before you can blink. 😃
    Monty ❤️🐾❤️

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