230. Worst Greyhound Owner EVER! – by Monty

Chicken’s tenth birthday was on the 19th of July. My tenth birthday was three weeks later. The Fairy forgot Chicken’s birthday. She suddenly realised her mistake a few weeks later, apologised, and promised to have a joint party for both of us on my birthday.

My birthday came and went without acknowledgment. I had cleared my diary for the purpose of celebrating in style, only to find absolutely no evidence at all of any kind of social event, gift giving ceremony or newspaper announcement.

Thank goodness for Arky and Grandma. Arky provided Chicken and I with a stunning selection of steaks. I ate mine – Chicken just sucked hers down all in one go. Chew your food I tell her – you’ll enjoy it more.

Then came the creme de la creme of presents: The Desperate Dan Cow Pie. It also contained pork and green beans. This wonderful invention was delivered to us by Grandma and Grandad. Grandma had baked this pie because she loves us, but also because she felt sorry for us, as the one who takes care of us had completely forgotten.

The Fairy is trying to get back into our good books and has offered an array of excuses, none of which compensate for her total lack of good owner credentials.


The Desperate Dan Cow Pie

I cannot help feeling that I have taken my eye off the ball with regards to on-going owner training. I shall have to start a new training programme, with a view to kicking her back into shape.

Monty The Great

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6 thoughts on “230. Worst Greyhound Owner EVER! – by Monty

  1. OMGoodness, M. That cake looks AWESOME. Mom thinks it looks like a pot pie and SHE wants to eat it! How rude. It’s clearly a doggie cake filled with doggie stuff. *gulp* Uh-oh. Now I want to eat it!! If The Fairy created that masterpiece, I’d call it even and let her off the hook for late presentation… Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, friends!! xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  2. Good morning, Cupcake! We hope you and your mum are well. Tell her that I didn’t spot my own mistake when I checked this post before publishing it. I had failed to write that this wonderful pie was baked by Grandma. How sloppy! You’re mum will understand how important it is to proof read your work. It’s ANOTHER thing that I forgot! I’ve changed it now so it’s truthful.
    Tess 🤭


  3. I think that looks like a good pie to give a girl recouperating from an operation……..🐾🐾🐾 🥧🥧🏩

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    • Hello! I tried to write you a message last night but for some reason couldn’t comment on other people’s posts. I wanted to wish lovely Daisy well. You must be so worried! That’s such a big operation. I really hope she’s feeling better. It’s so upsetting when they’re poorly. I bet you haven’t slept much!
      Tess ❤️❤️❤️

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      • That’s so kind of you. I am exhausted as she just can’t be left. Luckily we both go to sleep at the same time😀😀. It’s certainly stopping my social life for the next month so I should be able to save some pennies… but she is my beloved girl and it’s not forever. Lovely to see you and your gang back. Xx

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      • It’s good to be back. Make sure you take care of yourself as well, and give Daisy a big kiss from us all. ❤️


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