233. And …. Relax – by Monty

All is well in the world of Monty. Chicken has relocated to the settee with a rather sick looking Fairy, so I am back in my big bed with Ellie the Elephant.


Back where I belong.

You may also notice my lovely new Christmas blanket which Grandma and Grandad gave me for Christmas. Chicken also has one which should mean she won’t steal mine.


Chicken opening her Christmas blanket.

I am expecting a little ‘Chicken respite’ over the next few days as Chicken has a new boyfriend. His name is Crinkle Octopus, and to be honest, I think he has far too much to say for himself. I am hearing his crinkly voice in my sleep.



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2 thoughts on “233. And …. Relax – by Monty

  1. Your stick legs are overflowing from your bed, M. Maybe you can tuck them under… Santa brought me a crinkle snowman. I enjoy crinkling him nonstop. I think Mom likes it too. Sometimes she says, “Play with something else for a while, weirdo.” That’s good… Right…? We should introduce him to Chicken’s crinkle octopus.

    Love and licks,

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    • I hope your crinkle snowman isn’t one of Chicken’s ex-boyfriends! To avoid upsetting your mum with the noise, crinkle him in the middle of the night. I’m sure she’ll be extremely grateful that you stopped crinkling him in the day time.
      Monty 🎄🐾🎄


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