242. Fake News Training Triumph – by Monty

Teaching is a strength of mine. Yesterday morning I delivered some high quality training to Chicken about Fake News. As you can glean from Chicken’s post, I successfully taught her how to produce Fake News. The news she presented, was FAKE. Fake News. I’m sure that you will all join me in congratulating her on passing the course and writing an article which is of an acceptable standard, and FAKE. We will now move on and never mention it again.



Being cool whilst staying cool

As you may remember, I have an electric bed which keeps me warm during winter. There is some dispute about the heat setting that should be used, though I think The Fairy has accepted that her choice of Level 2 is inappropriate, and Level 3 is now the ‘go to’ setting.

Summer is here so I have now taken delivery of a new bed. It is a cool bed full of cool gel and is of the correct proportions for an extra large greyhound. There are many different kinds on the market but mine is a Pecute one and works exceptionally well. As The Fairy says, it is of the upmost importance to keep dogs cool in extreme temperatures.

Other animals are available as pets, but dogs are the best.

Stay cool people.

Monty The Great

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8 thoughts on “242. Fake News Training Triumph – by Monty

  1. I have one of those too – I love a cool bottom – Daisydog xx

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    • And as bottoms go – there are none as cool as a greyhound’s. Very pleased to be in touch with you again! 😃
      Monty and Chicken 🐾❤️🐾


  2. Anonymous

    Yes Monty. Of course it was FAKE news!😂😂😂

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  3. It is as hot as a hot thing here today – so we are mostly wearing our cool coats and lying on our bottom cooler – mum says it will be ice cream time later – yum, yum – I am hoping that’s not fake news – xx

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  4. Cool is not my favorite temperature. I am a hot dog. There I said it. Hot dog. I like street naps, blazing sunshine, and high humidity. A cool bed would go untouched around here. On the heated bed, I would go with a setting of 1,000.

    Love and licks,
    Hot dog.

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    • You are cool for being hot! Also, I am now on the lookout for a hot bed with a setting of 1000 before winter begins. ☃️
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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