241. Monty’s Private Bits – by Chicken


Monty had a tick on his willy.

The Fairy did take if off because she does know how to all take them off dogs and children and Monty did behave like a baby.

The Fairy did say: How did I get to a point in life where I is taking ticks off Monty’s willy? She did then run outside and throw it over the fence into Next Door’s garden. They was out shopping.


So close, yet …….

The Fairy did do lots of complaining about it and then Grandad did come and force her to cut the grass because he did say two foot is two foot too long for a lawn. I did say that I did always know that two feets is rubbish but four feets is best. Then I dids have to do loads of big work tidying up the garden and I does blame Monty and his stupid tick.

Arky Parky did do visiting and I did try to steal his beer and he did say NO NO NO and I did say BUM BUM BUM.

So I win.


Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “241. Monty’s Private Bits – by Chicken

  1. OMGoodness, C. A willy-tick is never OK. I think Monty was brave even if he did act like a baby, but I think your mama was BRAVER! I’m pretty sure if I ever had a tick on my bits and pieces Mom would set me on fire and get a new dog with no ticks…. I’m happy all is well with all of your important bits.

    Love and licks,

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    • I did forgets how goody you is at ideas, Cupcake. A new dog! A new one! The Fairy did say that the tick was probably the bravest of all for going there on his own in the first place. 😂
      Chicken 🐾❤️🐾


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