247. Big Wind – by Monty

Big wind?

Don’t make me laugh.


Forecast: Greyhound owners expect big wind. Every day. 



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10 thoughts on “247. Big Wind – by Monty

  1. huxleybean

    I make lots of whippety wind. Mum and dad love it, especially when we are in bed and it goes right in their faces.

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  2. I am getting windier as I get older – in the beginning I was a small draught – now I’m an interestingly pungent gale of loveliness. Hohoho…..xx

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  3. Monica

    Spare a thought for us on our way to Cornwall. Stuck in a car for 5 hours with 2 greyhounds. Pheweee!

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  4. There’s wind and there’s WIND. I guess your family gets to experience both.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Today I ate my first Cornish pasty! I found it on the pavement in ST Ives, Mummy human is not impressed.

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    • Mummy is probably upset that you spotted it first. The streets of London are paved with gold but the streets of St Ives are paved with pasties. I know where I’d rather be!
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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