95. Dreamboat Monty – by Chicken

Bossy Boots Monty did all think he could tells me what to do so I did say no chance Bossy Monty, you is not the bossy boss of me! I did decides to get my own back.

Then we did go to Grandad and Grandma’s and Monty did go to sleep on the big greyhound bed. Then he did start to dream and I did say to Big Rabbit that he does dream like a girl and then she did laugh and I did laugh because Monty does dream like a girly girl. BOOM! BOOM!

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2 thoughts on “95. Dreamboat Monty – by Chicken

  1. He DOES dream like a girl!!! He sounds just like ME!

    Love and licks,

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  2. I is all laughing! Maybe we should make Monty an honorary member of the girl’s club!
    Love Chicken 🐾


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