98. Being Nice To Ugly Cats – by Chicken


Monty bum bum still in bed

It is all still early wurly and I has already been out in the big garden to do the digging in the found stations. Monty did go back to bed because he is tired bum bum, and The Fairy is having coffee to try to makes her eyes work. Ugly Cats did come onto the shed roof next door and I did go to eats him, and then I did remembering, and did remember that Monty did say I all had to say thank you for the smelly rotten rotty fish head. Silly Monty.

So I did say thank you for the stupid rotty rotten smelly stupid fish head, and Ugly Cats did say that he didn’t thinks I liked it. I did say that I didn’t like the rotty fish head, but that Monty did say I had to say thank you. Ugly Cats then did say that he did think Monty was the most bestest boy dog ever and that I was the bestest girl dog ever and I did tell him that he was right. Then he did say that he was upset when I all didn’t like the fish head so he had got me the betterer present of the little alien man. I dids not all know that he had got me this gooder present, so then I did get happy and did say thank you all properly.

Then I did tell Ugly Cats about my special poo and he did say that he could brings me another one, but that he’ll all have to go far aways to get it, because he all has an agreements with the local rats not to gets them. He then did all say that he had special information for big Monty about the frackering, and I hads to tell Monty to come and talks to him but I did say Monty donty was all still in beds.

Then I did tells him all about the new bigger patty that Monty is all going to build and the bigger shed and Ugly Cats did ask if he could sit on the roof of my new bigger shed when it is all finishered because we is all friends now and I did say get lost. BOOM! BOOM!

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “98. Being Nice To Ugly Cats – by Chicken

  1. It’s decided, C. Your family, neighborhood, and the world are in good hands (paws) with you in charge. Plus you are not lazy, lazing in bed all day.

    Love and licks,

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