117. Monty’s Gate Is Broken – by Chicken

BOOM! BOOM! Chicky.

Chicky, Chicky, BOOM! BOOM!


Poorly baby mouse with no ears

My eye is all proper betterer now so I is happy. I has been playing on my new patty but Monty did say I had to stay off it until it was all finished. Bum bum bum. He is so bossy. Monty did also get into trouble because he did take a dislike to our new baby mouse and did eat its ears off. He did say his actions were in line with the no wildlife policy currently in place, so did not feel any guilty.

We is going out somewhere special today but I don’t knows where. The Fairy is worried because Monty’s gate is not right, and she did say he needs to get it fixed. I did say I didn’t care about Monty’s gate because we has a good gate already that is all not broken. Monty said he was too busy replying for government jobs, and didn’t have time to get his gate fixed.

I did tell him not to be the Leads of the Opposites because I did want to have him all to myself and not be busy doing polly tricks business. I did reminded him of all his responses here in my house, and I do think he should stay here and be all the Commandering Onion of this unit. He did gibber on about votering rights for greyhounds but I did say ifs he doesn’t do what I tells him, I will vote to bite his big bottom.

Chicken xxx

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2 thoughts on “117. Monty’s Gate Is Broken – by Chicken

  1. Chicken, you crack me up every time! You have such a way with words. I hope nobody runs away through the broken gate. That would be naughty and scary.

    Love and licks,

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    • I is a good girl and I never runs away because I doesn’t want to be separated from The Fairy. She does say that she’ll never lose me!
      Love Chicken 🐾


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