154. We Has Eaten A Sausage Dog – by Chicken


Sausage dogs

It is all not nice that Monty has a poorly foot, but it did mean that The Fairy did make us special foods to make him feel better. We did get sausage dogs to eats and I did like eating the sausage dogs. I has been asking for more sausage dogs again but The Fairy has not made them again because we is all fat, especially Monty. Monty has to not be fat because if he is fat his poorly foot will be more hurty hurt hurt. I did reminding to The Fairy that I did not have a poorly foot and I is not very fat just a bit fat but she did say it wasn’t fair if I did get special foods and Monty didn’t so I is mad.

Last night in the night time dark we did go for a walks. I did speak to the fox and I did not speak to the fox because he was too far away. Monty did say we had to warns people with pet rabbits so they could all keeps their rabbits safe and I did say that all the rabbits could live in my garden and I would all look after them and play with them but not eat them.

Monty did say they would all be safer with the fox and he did not want wildlife in my garden anyways, because they would all destroy his race track. Bum.

Chicken xxx

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4 thoughts on “154. We Has Eaten A Sausage Dog – by Chicken

  1. Wait. What?? Those sausage dogs look delicious. Are there sausages in there?? I hope my mom learns how to make them, but that is useless wishful thinking.

    Love and licks,

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    • The Fairy did make some shorty crust pastry and did wrap it around four hot dogs from a tin. Then she did make legs and a tail and ears, and then when they did finish baking, she did eat one and Arky did eat one! So me and Monty donty did only get one each which is all not fair.
      Love Chicken 🐾


  2. It’s important to be a bit rounder in the winter to keep out the draughts so I have asked mum for some sausage dogs tooπŸ˜€πŸΎπŸ˜€πŸΎ. They look scrumptious. X

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