182. The Grand Re-opening – by Monty

Winter has been a disappointment with regards to snow, but I am very pleased to see temperatures rising now as we head towards Spring. Today was warm enough for us to begin work on my garden. I was able to inspect my race track in detail, and found it to be in excellent condition. There was some talk of planting flowers around it, but I have not yet agreed to this plan.

Having tested the outside temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud cover and the firmness of the ground, I determined that the going was good, so I gave permission for my digging pit to be re-opened.

Both Chicken and I thoroughly enjoyed our first foray of the year into my pit. I had quite forgotten how much fun it is. The Fairy made a video which clearly shows my superior digging skills compared to Chicken’s.  Chicken says the parts of the video which show me digging are boring and go on too long, and has suggested that you only watch the parts that she is in.

I disagree.

Monty The Great


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7 thoughts on “182. The Grand Re-opening – by Monty

  1. Mum won’t let me watch the video – she says it may give me ideas🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾. Mum and I don’t always agree on the best use of the lawn so I guess the video involves a fair bit of running about………😱😱😱😱

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  2. The digging pit is GENIUS and not boring at all! But how do you both know to dig inside the pit and then run outside the pit. Do you ever get confused and dig outside the pit? Or run inside the pit? That would be weird, but…. yeah. All of this is a little weird… plus brilliant!

    Love and licks,

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    • I run my training sessions like a military operation. My unit is a well oiled machine. Plus, we get told off for digging outside the pit. 😡
      Monty 🐾


  3. Such fun! :o)

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