194. Last Night Of Being Normal – by Chicken

Trolly, trolly, trolly, trolly, trolly, troll, troll! BOOM! BOOM!

We is going to move to be living near the trolly troll trolls and they will like me and be my friends. When Britain does leave Your Rope and does go near to nearly Iceland and No-way, I can gets a bus to No-way and visit the trolls. Monty did say I could only go on my days off and I did say I can go all the days but Monty did say that today is the only last day that we will be normal because tomorrow in the morning we is going to be the Prime Ministers.

I did reminding and did remind him that he all hadn’t done any camping and he did say he didn’t need to because we was all going to win anyway so I is all excited. The Fairy did say that she will do my hair in the tomorrow morning and she did say that when me and Monty bum bum become the Prime Ministers that she will bake us a big cake.

And I did say, each? and she did say, each.

Then I did go to Monty and tell him that The Fairy was all making me two cakey cakes. BOOM! BOOM!


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2 thoughts on “194. Last Night Of Being Normal – by Chicken

  1. That was a brilliant idea, C. Now you will have 2 entire cakes to yourself. Awesome. I have never even had one entire cake. Mom breaks everything in half, in case I can’t get fat.

    Love and licks,

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    • If your mum does break the cakey in half, and you does get both halves, that is all the same as getting two cakes! 🍰🍰
      Chicken 🐾


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