196. Furious Chicken Takes Phone Into Her Own Hands – by Chicken


My big job as Prime Ministers has all been stolen away by somebody else! Monty did keeps saying I did have to stay calm but I did kick him in the head. Then I did ring the police. The police did say that PC Dave was not at the station so I did say I would come and kick them in the head and then Monty did take the phone off me.

I did thinking and thinking and did decide to ring the Queen. The Queen was a bit busy and couldn’t all come to the phone but the man did say that Mrs May-Or-May-Not had already been to see the Queen first before me and my Monty. I did not tell him that I would kick him in the head.

Monty did say not to worry because he was doing a big investigating and we was the Prime Ministers but he did need to sort out the static tickle error. I was still angry mad but he said that when it was sorted out that we will both go together to see the Queen together and then I was happy.


I has picked my new hat

I did ask The Fairy ifs I could get a new hat to go to see the Queen and she did say yes. And then I was more better happy than before and Monty didn’t get all kicked in the head again.





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4 thoughts on “196. Furious Chicken Takes Phone Into Her Own Hands – by Chicken

  1. Well, for sure you couldn’t have chosen a better, more suitable hat, C. If all goes well, it’s exactly what you’ll need!

    Love and licks,

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  2. I love a new hat. Mrs May or May Not is a big shoe fan I hear but mum says I would look silly in kitten heels. I quite liked the sound of them. Paws crossed the Queen is in when you call round – and not in Norway looking for a new house. Big wags xx

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    • Kitten shoes? Why did I not all know about these? We does have to go shopping together for our kitten shoes.
      Chicken 🐾🐱🐾


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