215. In The Manner To Which I Am Accustomed – by Monty



I’m still on it now.

There has been talk of arthritis in regards to my foot. During the recent cold weather I have been reduced to hopping. The usual remedy administered by The Fairy in the event of illness or injury is sausages and roast chicken. Unfortunately, this time it did not work. It helped a lot. But it did not work.

I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of an electric bed, which is working. The Fairy has produced an electric blanket from somewhere and has built up a rather super bed for me, complete with Christmas blanket. This is the level of treatment that I deserve in my retirement.


The first round of talks about the Christmas cancelling situation have broken down. Chicken put forward a proposal which was totally unacceptable. The Fairy was inclined to consider it, but I put my non-arthritic foot down. I fully understand the importance of reaching a settlement, but my self respect is worth more than Christmas.

Isn’t it?


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4 thoughts on “215. In The Manner To Which I Am Accustomed – by Monty

  1. No Monty it’s not🎅. I am liking the sound of the electric blanket – I cuddle up to Mum at night on the cosy Christmas duvet but am always ready for extra warmth if available. Indeed I am wearing my cardigan in the house – mum made me wear it when I had my op last December but it’s just the thing for keeping my elbows toasty. Happy wags Daisydog xx

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    • Toasted elbows, eh? I’ll look into that – they sound tasty. I’m all in favour of anything that feels warm and cosy. It sounds like you’re all set for these cold nights. With regards to Christmas – I’ll try to find another solution.
      Monty 🐾🎄🐾


  2. I love that electric bed, M. If Mom would get us one of them, I wouldn’t have to go completely in under her blanket every night to stay warm.

    Love and licks,

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