70. Tax Evasion By Chicken – by Monty

Chicken has decided to stash all her toys in an off-shore investment fund in Panama. She has heard on the news that this is where people can keep things safely hidden from the government, and by extension, Ugly Cat.

She has been unsettled since her recent altercation with Ugly Cat, and is convinced that he will take her toys. I reassured her that the cat wasn’t ever going to take her things, but she remained unconvinced. I tried to calm her down by promising to protect her property, but she wouldn’t shut up about finding the best hiding place. In the end, I had to ring Simon from the DECC to get some further information.

I asked Simon if it were true that Panama is the best place to hide things. I think he must be very busy at the moment, as he had forgotten who I am, asking if I was some kind of comedian. He then went on to say that he had nothing to say on the matter. Total waste of time.

Later today I am going to contact Grandad, with a view to setting up a meeting with him to discuss the construction of a safe box for Chicken to use. I anticipate this being quite an interesting project.

Panama has been added to my list of possible locations to move Britain to, in the event of us having to leave Your Rope. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and we’d be closer to our tax revenue, should we ever need it.



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