226. A Remarkable Recovery – by Monty

Fear not people. I have made a miraculous recovery. This is to be expected given my thoroughbred, Irish lineage. We are made of steel. The Fairy was particularly impressed with the way I ran through the house upon my return, straight out into the back garden to take care of business. I am not sure if she was impressed with the running, or with the fact that I didn’t do anything inappropriate on the living room floor.

Upon returning to my office, Chicken began a programme of nursing which I am sure was well intentioned. Be that as it may, I still had to ask for help after a couple of hours. There is only so much inane, incessant chatter that one dog can listen to without becoming desperate. Especially in a state of semi-consciousness. I have no idea why, but I had nightmares about horses playing violins made of sausages.

Due to my remarkable recovery, I am now in a position to deal with the most pressing issues facing my unit. These range from phantom cats and dangerous cats, to garden vandalism. I am planning on drawing up some action plans in the near future.


Feeling like my old self again.


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9 thoughts on “226. A Remarkable Recovery – by Monty

  1. Glad you are feeling better 🙂

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  2. So happy to see you feeling better dear friend and we wish you, Chicken and your Hooma a very happy Easter weekend! ☺💜🐥

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  3. Thank goodness you’re feeling better, M. Those nightmares sound terrifying. I mean – sausages on violins instead of in doggie bowls for dinner. Yikes! *shiver* Scary!

    Love and licks,

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  4. Darling Monty – what a hero you are. GoodBoyTed had better watch out. Mum has eaten too many chocolates and feels ick.☹️☹️

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    • I do my best. Tell GoodBoyTed that his situation isn’t as bad as he thinks. If The Fairy is ill, I use it as an opportunity to get on and do all the things I’m not usually allowed to do. 😁
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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