251. Hopping Monty – by Chicken

We did go for a walks and when we did go passed the house that doesn’t all cut the grass, we did see loads of hoppy hop grasshoppers. One did hop onto my Monty’s back and Monty did takes it for a long walk around the block. The Fairy did worry that it would be lost and lonely and I did say it was its own fault.

Then The Fairy did say she was all going to do work on the Mud Head and Monty was so hoppy happy that he did start hopping around the garden.


My Monty keeping me safety safe

Then the Your Rope rubbish did gets worse and Monty did get hopping mad with it all and we did all ignore him. He is working on a plan.

The Fairy did move the patty chairs to the side of the patty near the fence and Ugly Cats and Kitten did use them to come into my garden and look at me all mean. I did tell Monty that they was being mean to me and he did stay next to me to all keeps me safe.



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4 thoughts on “251. Hopping Monty – by Chicken

  1. This whole Monty-riding grasshopper situation is concerning, C. Are you sure he didn’t bring that intruder home? If he did, I would NOT stay too close to him.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Here at the seaside hoppy hops make beer….today we are mostly trying to work out why I have lost a twopence piece of skin from my front leg……apparently I am a wobbly munchkin…and probably ran into a fast moving flower pot…

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    • Do not rule out the possibility that you are suffering from ‘not enough sausages ‘ syndrome. We hope that you are ok.
      Monty and Chicken 🐾❤️🐾


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