252. Britain Beats Every Other Country In The World – by Monty

Britain has won the Global Voting Competition, coming first in almost every category including: Most Frequent VotingBest Excuse For Voting; Worst Excuse For VotingMost Meaningless Vote, and Greatest Number Of Repeated Votes For Exactly The Same Thing. It was also awarded the Country Most Likely To Have Another Vote Before The End Of The Day trophy.

We are all feeling very proud.

We recently spent the day with Sister at Grandma and Grandad’s house, as I am supervising the building of a new pond. It dawned on me that whilst we see Sister, we no longer visit her house. I was perplexed by this, so surreptitiously sent Chicken to mingle with them to see if she could glean some information regarding this matter.


Who wouldn’t eat the crumble?

I will not pretend that I understood everything that Chicken said, but she appeared to be reporting that Sister always has a fruit crumble in her house, and The Fairy is worried – quite rightly, I concede – that Chicken and I would eat it.

I have called a meeting with The Fairy to clarify some of the finer points. Sister is always so kind to us, that I find it difficult to believe she would object to us eating the crumble. If need be, we will have a vote to settle the issue of visiting Sister’s house.


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6 thoughts on “252. Britain Beats Every Other Country In The World – by Monty

  1. A crumble is the best food in the world, bar none. I vote that Britain vote the crumble the national food! Enjoy!!

    Love and licks,

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  2. Mum says crumble is her downfall…….personally I like the opportunity to lick crumbs off the carpet whatever the flavour….my sore leg is improving – today’s game is ‘How many times can I nibble the bandage off?’ 💋

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  3. When it comes to foodies Monty I haz one simple rule,if it’s in me face I will eat it. It’s expected of me I reckon, tuck in luvs Paddy xx

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    • I love your philosophy Paddy. We will have a vote later to determine whether to adopt Paddy’s Rule. I firmly believe we will, and that it’s the best path for the country. 😂
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾

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