220. Making The Most Of The Snow – by Monty


In the lead as usual.

I sincerely apologise for neglecting my communication duties. I do hope that everyone is well. The thing is, I have only just regained consciousness after forgetting to send Chicken a Valentine’s Day card. We have decided unanimously never to speak of it again.

I feel a quick update of events is in order. Firstly, I received a letter from The House Of Commons. I have returned it unopened as it was incorrectly addressed simply to Monty. If the government wants my advice about something they can use my official title of Monty The Great.

Secondly, Chicken is convinced that she is being stalked by a ghost cat. I rang PC Dave at the Station to ask if there had been any other reports of said ghost cat, to which he replied in the negative. He has promised to keep his eye out for anything suspicious.

Thirdly, we are still caught in the nightmare that is the diet.

Lastly, I have called a meeting to discuss the refurbishment of my garden. I have big plans for this year with regards vegetables. Work will begin as soon as this snow has cleared. Until then, Chicken and I will make the most of it.

Monty The Great

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6 thoughts on “220. Making The Most Of The Snow – by Monty

  1. Welcome back, M the Great. It’s good to see the 2 of you playing in the snow. At my house, the snow touched my belly, which is NOT OK. Mom would not pick me up, so I popped up and down like a popcorn since the snow was too high to walk through. I am waiting for spring to come.

    Love and licks,

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    • Helloooo! Now all I can think about is popcorn cupcakes! 🍿I think your mum should carry you whenever there is bad weather. 😁
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


  2. How lovely to hear from you Monty and Chicken. Mum and I are snowless – thank goodness – as we are seeing GoodBoyTed today and a lovely sheepdog called Ben. And there will be a little smackerel of something for us all at lunchtime. Yum. Stay toasty….big happy wags. Daisydog xx

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    • Thank you. We’ve missed everyone. You have so many friends! I hope you have a good day and enjoy your lunch. I met a sheep once and it was rather smelly, so I hope for everyone’s sake that Ben is unemployed.
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


  3. Welcome back Monty, we guessed you and Chicken had been busy taking part in the winter Olympics. Love the photos of the speed skating event. Paddy is warming up for the downhill slalom later. So sorry to hear the nasty word diet, we have roast beef today for dinner. Supa tasty 😋🐾

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  4. Roast beef dinner? We are on our way!
    Monty 🐾❤️🐾

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