228. The Overuse Of The Word REMARKABLE – by Monty

I often feel that the word remarkable is overused. As a case in point, I would draw your attention to my previous statement when I referred to my recovery from a serious foot infection as remarkable. It turned out to be anything but. In fact, the recovery was noticeable by its absence. I remained on antibiotics for 21 days, until another infection (located in a rather delicate area of my anatomy which shall remain anonymous) kindly took up the gauntlet and ran with it, necessitating a different set of tablets. Woe is me. I do not like to complain as you know, but I have requested an official enquiry.


The Chicken And The Toad

Chicken has been extra kind to me during this time, and has greatly reduced the amount of noise she makes. She is still twittering on about her ghost cat and seems to be making new acquaintances on her evening walks. So far she has mentioned a German Shepherd puppy, an Akita puppy, a Pug, a Jack Russell and a toad. None of whom she likes.

Due to my confinement, I missed the opportunity to put myself forward for the Home Secretary vacancy which became available last week. I am always at home and I could very easily acquire a secretary, so feel I would have been the ideal candidate. Chicken said she would rather enjoy being my secretary, which would make her the Secretary’s secretary. We have put our plans on hold for the time being but remain hopeful, as it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the position become available again quite quickly. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about British politics, it’s that you cannot afford to blink.

Tomorrow I am overseeing some work in the garden which may involve the use of seeds. I am on standby to do any watering that may be required.


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6 thoughts on “228. The Overuse Of The Word REMARKABLE – by Monty

  1. OMGoodness, M. I am very sad that infection still lives inside you. From a poorly foot to a poorly… um… I won’t even say it. I hope a really remarkable recovery is right around the corner. Meanwhile, Chicken should not taste the toad. I’ve heard they’re bitter.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Oh Monty we are so sorry to read about your infection. They are horrid things. We hope the sunny sunny sunshine helps to make you feel better. Glad that chicken is being a caring companion and keeping the noise down. Sending big salty seaside wags today. Xx

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  3. Dear Monty – mum and I hope you are feeling better. Mum has had a raspberry and white chocolate ice cream and I haven’t. Boo Hiss. Daisydog xx

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    • I’ve encountered this situation myself. If you miss the opportunity to knock them over and steal it, you have to fall back on the ‘sad eyes protocol.’ Tomorrow when you get up, start straight away with the sad eyes. Sad, sad, sad eyes. You should have your ice cream by dinner time. Good luck! 🍦
      Monty 🐾❤️🐾


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